Many senior adults do not need the extensive services provided by a nursing home, but have realized they do need assistance with some of their daily routines. Assisted Living is an adjoining community for residents who require assistance with their day to day living.

Assisted Living means we’re nearby.1

Someone will always be close by to help; anytime of the day or night. We ‘ll help keep up with your schedule for any prescribed medications and remind you when it’s time to take them. But, Assisted Living is more; it’s help with such things as bathing or dressing. Assisted Living means assistance when you need it, and only seconds away.

Assisted Living means independence.

When you live in Assisted Living at The Inn at Los Patios, you maintain your distinct lifestyle. Your apartment is private and decorated with your furnishings and reflects your individual taste. You can come and go as you please. Friends and family may visit any time and stay as long as you like.

Assisted Living means service.

All the services of Assisted Living at The Inn at Los Patios make living your independent lifestyle even Dining roomeasier.

You’ll enjoy three nutritious meals served daily in the Assisted Living Dining Room. You’ll receive regular housekeeping, flat linen service, and we even do your personal laundry. We also have many safety and security features not usually found in an ordinary home.

Assisted Living means affordability.

Assisted Living at The Inn at Los Patios costs less than a nursing home; it may even cost less than living in your present home.