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Tips for Seniors to Deal with the Emotional Toll of Downsizing

August 31, 2018 developer1 Comments

Deal with the Emotional Toll of DownsizingThe decision of a late life move to senior facilities such as assisted living homes San Antonio can be hard and emotional. It is even more difficult for older adults who have to leave their childhood homes. This is because people can be emotionally vested in their home. Moving can trigger sadness and grief. Moreover, the anxiety that comes with the whole process can lead to emotional breakdown for senior people. However, the following tips can help seniors to deal with the emotional toll of downsizing.

Dealing with emotional toll of downsizing for seniors moving to assisted living homes San Antonio

Give yourself plenty of time

Take time to get a last glimpse of your possessions. You definitely have an emotional attachment to your house and the thought of leaving it behind can be nostalgic and unbearable. Therefore, take your time to reminisce the memories you have had in your home before downsizing.  

Take comfort in your friends or relatives

Friends and relatives can comfort and help you deal with emotional breakdown. Surrounding yourself with loved ones will provide support and help you ease the stress that comes with moving.

Take pictures of your house

You can have your friend or family member take photos of you in your favorite rooms or in front of your house. Photos preserve precious memories and can be a great way to deal with emotional toll that comes with downsizing.

Have a small painting of your house

Another great way to remember your old home is to have a small painting. Paintings can be as good as photos, and will help you to feel close to your home and carry its precious memories with you.

Get familiarized with your new home

It is good to start connecting with your new environment or home in time. This will help you overcome the anxiety or emotional breakdown that comes with it. You can do this by spending a few nights at the senior living community that you plan to move to. This will give you an idea of what to expect.

Get prepared in time

Downsizing has to be undertaken at one point in life. It is good to get yourself prepared psychologically for what is to come. This will be easier for you to easily let go of your precious processions or even leave your home.

Downsizing in late life can be devastating. It means leaving behind precious memories especially if you have to move from your childhood home. However, owning your emotions and taking enough time to think about the decision to downsize can be helpful in overcoming related sadness or grief.

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