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Downsizing: Senior-Friendly Tips

August 17, 2018 developer1 Comments

Downsizing Tips for SeniorsDownsizing at home involves reducing the number of things or belongings that you have in your house. It makes life much simpler and a house easy to manage. This is a process that most seniors are likely to undertake at one point in their life so as to cuts costs, address medical needs or move closer to family members. The elderly might also choose to move to retirement homes San Antonio or any other of their liking.

Downsizing tips for seniors in retirement homes San Antonio

Unfortunately, the process can be draining physically and emotionally but below are some tips to help make downsizing easier:

Give yourself plenty of time

Downsizing requires plenty of time and a clear mind for proper decision making. You will find the whole process to be less stressful if you have plenty of time to carry it out. Moreover, it will be much strenuous for you to go through everything in your house within a single day considering your age. However, with plenty of time on hand, you can sort one room after the other and conduct downsizing effectively.

Start with small rooms

By the time you decide to downsize, you may probably have in mind the things you need to get rid of or where to start. It is advisable to start off with smaller rooms, with little things that you have little emotional attachment to. A room with linen or laundry would be great for a start. Basements and garages are the hardest to tackle since they store all the clutter, old hobbies and holiday decorations.

Get rid of duplicates

Why have two items of the same kind fill up your space for nothing? Now that you are old you need sufficient space to move around. Having two coffee tables for instance is unnecessary. Having fewer things around makes your space easier to manage.

Give away and sell possessions

Downsizing can give you a chance to make some cash from your old possessions. There are numerous online sites like eBay and Craiglist where you can sell an old guitar or coffee table that you no longer need. Another option for disposing of furniture, electronics or bags is by donating or giving them to other people. Grandkids could greatly benefit from this.   

Say goodbye to your house

Downsizing is difficult given the emotional attachment that you may have to every piece or detail of your home. Most seniors struggle with nostalgia when it comes to downsizing. Nonetheless, downsizing has tremendous benefits such as reducing accidents. You have to embrace it and take time to bid goodbye to your old possession. A good option would be to move to a retirement home or a senior living community if you really have to leave the nostalgia behind.

Make your new space home

Focus on the positive and learn to live without some of your precious processions in your new space. After downsizing you will live a simpler life with lesser rooms to vacuum, fewer towels to wash and fewer surfaces to dust. Turn your new house into a home once more.

Downsizing comes with a lot of benefits in terms of efficiency in management and mobility. It is also important for you to perfectly understand your needs. This way you can easily get rid of the things that you do not really require. Remember that your health or well being is more precious than possessions. If you have to downsize then do it with a positive mind

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