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Fashion over 50: Best Tips to Look Young

August 10, 2018 developer1 Comments

Fashion over 50There is a misconception that people lose their sense of fashion as they get older. This is to the contrary of what most people over 60 believe in. Most of them aspire to look young and stylish. The fountain of youth for seniors in independent retirement communities San Antonio and elsewhere extends beyond serums and beauty creams. Paying attention to the fashion department by matching accessories, choosing flattering colors or trying different styles can help you to scrape off a few years from your look.

Fashion tips for seniors in independent retirement communities San Antonio

Apply makeup

Make-up will not only turn you into a 30-year-old, but it also gives you a sexy look as well. Apply make-up that matches with your skin tone. It is good to try out different make-up styles, but you still have to keep it light and moderate.

Match Your Accessories

Bracelets, watches, earrings, and necklaces help to complete ones look. Do not shy from trying out different colors. Black and golden colors can do well with any style.

Show Off Your Figure

Avoid baggy clothes that hide your figure. Sagging clothes only make you look older. Try something that hugs you lightly and fits precisely. Fitting straight-leg white pants or jeans go along well with a colorful blazer.

Invest in a Statement Shoe

Shoes make a big statement about how stylish and fashionable you are regardless of your gender. Therefore, invest is sassy shoes that stand out and reflect your youthfulness.

White jeans

Straight-leg white jeans are perfect for warm weather. You can rock white jeans together with tunic tops, white tank tops, a navy jacket or wedge sandals. Additionally, you can rock a pretty scarf to complete the look.


Cardigans will not just keep your arms warm; they are also meant to make you look young and sexy. They look perfect with straight-leg pants or jeans. Avoid wearing them closed.

Tank tops

Tank tops are simply cool and spacious. They come in different colors although cream, black and white would look better on anyone above 60. Moreover, you can wear them under your sweaters, cardigans or jackets. Ensure that your tank top is long enough to cover your skin appropriately.


A good dress makes one look sexy regardless of her age, shape or size. Some dress styles can make women over 60 younger and more stylish. Sleeveless sheath dresses are suitable for any occasion and can be worn with jackets or cardigans. Other impressive styles are the wrap dresses as well as the flat and flare dresses. Pencil skirts are also stylish, versatile and flattering. Keep the length at the knee and be mindful about the colors.

You can creatively match and mix the pieces above to bring out a unique style depending on the occasion. Different accessories will complete your look and leave you looking young and fabulous. Remember that age is just a number, and should not limit your sense of fashion.  

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