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Spending Time Together: Most Amazing Activities for Seniors and Their Grandchildren

July 27, 2018 Tatiana Comments

Amazing Activities for Seniors and Their GrandchildrenIt is essential for both seniors and their grandchildren to spend time together. Fun with grandchildren can be an excellent way for seniors to keep active, informed and engaged. Nonetheless, children can learn a lot from their grandparents from senior living San Antonio, TX and elsewhere in the world. Below are some of the best activities that you can enjoy in the company of your grandkids.

Amazing activities for the residents of senior living San Antonio, TX and their grandchildren

Puzzles & Games

Games and puzzles help to juggle the brain and keep it active. They are also useful for memory and cognitive development for your grandkids. There are so many challenging board games that you can play with your grandchildren. You can organize a lawn tournament if you have more than one grandchild. Moreover, there is so much that you can learn from each other in terms of puzzles and games.

Arts and Crafts

Engaging is some arts and crafts is a great way for seniors to pass the time with their grandkids. Crafts are also good for the mental well-being of the elderly. Arts and crafts are loved by the kids too. Therefore, you can enjoy some painting or crafting activity with your grandchildren.  

Baking and Cooking

Eating and playing are what people do while they are young. The smell of freshly baked cookies can be intoxicating to your grandchildren. Besides, children love spending time in the kitchen for obvious reasons. Why not bake a cake or try some new recipe together? You can also teach them the secret to making other delicacies.  This is a perfect way to build long-lasting memories.

Nature Walks

Walking with your grandkids will not just be fun because you will also be exercising as well. Fitness is vital at old age. Exercising with those your loved ones can be exciting. Additionally, you get to connect with nature as well as your grandkids by watching birds, trees or the beautiful sunset. Nature walks have a calming effect that is good for stress relieving and relaxation.  


Gardening is an excellent outdoor activity that you can enjoy with your grandkids. You will be keeping your mind engaged while teaching them about the ecosystem. Kids love to dig and play with dirt. Thus gardening will be fun for them. The knowledge that they will gain from the gardening experience will help them to be more responsible as they grow up.

Reading Together

Education is the key to success. You can instill the reading culture in your grandchildren’s life by occasionally doing some reading with them. Kids love to be noticed and appreciated. Doing this with them helps to boost their confidence. This will not only help you to bond and connect, but reading will also help them become successful in life.

Stress, idleness, and loneliness are among the causes of most age-related diseases like dementia. However, spending most of your time in the company of the people you love gives you a sense of belonging and brings joy in life. Children and grandchildren are magical. They make life livelier, and nothing compares to spending time with them.  

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