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Best Tips for Seniors to Prevent Hearing Loss

July 20, 2018 developer1 Comments

Tips for Seniors to Prevent Hearing LossHearing loss is quite predominant among the elderly. It affects not only the residents of senior living San Antonio but all over the world as well. The condition may sometimes be genetically related although it comes with age in most instances. Our hearing ability tends to diminish naturally as we age. The known medical treatment for age-related hearing loss is by use of hearing aid. Nonetheless, according to otolaryngologists and researchers, hearing loss can be delayed or prevented through a number of healthy practices such as proper diet.

Hearing loss prevention strategies for people in senior living San Antonio

Beware of your medical conditions: Some medical conditions like diabetes, circulatory illnesses, high blood pressure, and heart disease can lead to hearing loss if not treated appropriately. Such medical conditions affect blood circulation which is essential for hearing.

1. Wear hearing protective gear: you should always wear noise protecting gear such as earmuffs or earplugs when working around loud equipment at home. You can also get specialized hearing protection equipment from hearing clinics.

2. Limit exposure to noisy activities at home: Music has been proven to have a therapeutic effect on a senior’s mental wellbeing. However, you should take care of how long you listen to audio devices and also monitor the volume. Extreme music volume can damage the eardrum and therefore lead to hearing the loss in the long run.

3. Buy quieter products: You can protect your hearing by checking and comparing the DB ratings on the products or asking for products with low noise.

4. See a hearing health professional routinely for hearing testing – Keep track of your hearing ability by undertaking a hearing test occasionally.

5. Maintain proper hygiene: Proper hygiene plays a major role in preventing hearing loss. For instance, sticking sharp objects in your ear might damage internal organs. Some of the best hygienic practices are listed below:

  • Avoid sticking objects in your ear to remove earwax
  • Blow your nose gently using both nostrils
  • Yawn and swallow frequently before the plane lands while air traveling
  • Use a nasal spray or a decongestant before the plane lands in case you have a sinus infection, cold or upper respiratory illness

6. Seek your doctor’s consultation on your medications: Unfortunately, there are some medications that are known to affect hearing. An overdose of aspirin, as well as some kinds of diuretics, are linked to hearing loss. Therefore, you should always consult your doctor before buying or taking medication.  

Noise can be hazardous at extreme levels. According to research, about a third of permanent hearing loss among seniors can be prevented by some of the prevention strategies listed above. Hearing loss can have a negative impact on your life as a senior and protecting yourself from the condition is lifesaving.

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