Best Swimming Exercises for Seniors

July 13, 2018 Tatiana Comments

Swimming Exercises for Senior PeopleBesides being enjoyable, swimming is a great way to exercise. It is gradually becoming a favorite among seniors. In addition to that, swimming carries a myriad of benefits for the elderly including improving posture and increasing stability. It is also great for seniors with arthritis and osteoporosis. That’s why in  The Inn at Loss Patios – best assisted living in San Antonio – we pay a lot of attention to swimming and have water aerobics at least twice a weak. 

Amazing swimming exercises for the residents of best assisted living in San Antonio

Below is a detailed breakdown of some of the exercises that you can perform in a pool to keep your body fit and healthy:

Water jogging

Water jogging is a great cardio exercise that helps to improve blood flow and the heart’s pumping. This, in turn, increases energy levels and reduces the risk of heart attack. It is done similarly to water walking with the waist submerged in water. You then jog steadily at speed you are comfortable with. The exercise is also good for leg muscles.

Resistance kicking

 Resistance kicking is as good as water jogging in terms of effectiveness. You can do it by holding out a kickboard in front of you then kicking it back and forth repeatedly while in the pool.

Water walking

This is a very useful form of posture exercise. However, it should be done appropriately to get the ultimate benefits. It should be done by walking straight all around the pool; just like walking on land; with the waist submerged in water. Walking on tiptoes should be avoided.

Wall chair

The wall chair exercise is not only good for posture, but it also help to maintain balance and prevent falls. You can perform it in the corner of a pool with the water level at your chest. Once you are in position, hold onto both sides of the pool for support then lift your legs and hold. This strengthens the abdominal muscles. You can also get your oblique muscles in shape by shifting your movements from up and down to sideways.

Arm circles

In this case, you have to begin in deep water with only the head and neck above water. After that, have your arms raised outside the water surface and move them in forwarding circular motions. Maintain the circular motion for about 20 seconds and switch your movements backward. Arm circles help to strengthen your arm muscles.

Standing water push-ups

You can perform standing water push-ups by standing on a pool’s edge with your arms held to the side and then bending both arms. Then you lean into the wall and push out. This has to be done repeatedly until you get worn out. Water resistance helps to work your back, chest and shoulder muscles.

Leg Swings

This is a less stressful exercise that strengthens oblique muscles of the core and also works on leg muscles. For leg swings, lift one leg to the side while standing in the pool. Balance on one leg until it feels worn out then switch to the other one. You can make things more exciting by kicking your leg back and forth. By so doing, you will spread the impact of the exercise on your ab muscles.   

Staying fit can help you to live a long healthy life. Swimming is remarkably fun and an excellent way to work out by people across all age groups. Thus, seniors should include more swimming exercises in their work out routine to strengthen their muscles, improve their cardiovascular health, and increase balance.

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