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Most Effective Sport Activities for Seniors to Stay Fit and Healthy

June 29, 2018 developer1 Comments

Sport Activities for Seniors to Stay Fit and HealthyTaking part in physical activities is important for everyone regardless of their age. As people age, physical exercise becomes increasingly important to remain active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Limited mobility is a common problem affecting independent living seniors in San Antonio Tx and all over the world. Lack of movement could cause health problems from joint aches, pain while doing simple activities to more serious problems like stroke and heart diseases. Thus, as a senior citizen, you should reserve at least an hour each day for exercise to stay fit and healthy. Below are some of the active physical activities that you can engage in maintain and improve your fitness. 

Fitness ideas for members of senior independent living San Antonio, TX 


Swimming is a fitness activity that works the whole body out. It has both cardiovascular and muscular benefits. It helps to burn calories and strengthens muscles. Water is known to be eight thousand times denser than air. Because of this, it has a kind of resistance that helps to improve the body mass. As you strain your muscles in water, your lungs and heart work harder to sustain the oxygen requirement in these muscles. This is how your cardiovascular health is improved. If you suffer from joint problems such as arthritis, swimming is the ideal activity for you. This is because water takes up most of your weight, implying that you will have less pain moving the affected joint. Swimming is fun and it can help to improve your overall mood. When you are in a good mood, you have a better outlook towards life, and your quality of life generally improves. It can also help to improve your social life because when you visit public swimming pools, you get to meet new people who enjoy the sport as much as you do.


This is a traditional Chinese exercise. With time, it has been modified with new therapeutic exercises. Tai chi would be suitable for you in case you have health problems such as heart complications and arthritis. This is because it is based on slow movements. This exercise tones muscles and boosts flexibility as well as body balance. It is also good for the heart, and it also improves coordination. It is advisable to seek guidance from trained personnel especially those who work with older people.

 Nordic walking

This form of walking was traditionally practiced in Scandinavia as a faster way of walking on snow-covered fields. It is a little more intense and burns more calories than regular walking. It provides a full body workout because you walk around using only walking poles. These individual poles are designed such that you use the power in your upper body to propel yourself. Nordic walking helps to improve your body posture. To fully understand this form of walking, some instructors can guide you through it. Like any other sport, it is important to start slow and steadily to avoid hurting yourself.


This form of exercise aims at putting the body and soul in harmony. It is based on breathing techniques and soft movements that help in muscle relaxation. It also softens the joints and improves the functioning of internal organs. Some yoga positions are known to relieve pain.


Biking is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. You can enjoy biking, but it is most suitable for those who suffer from osteoarthritis in their hip joints. This exercise helps to keep you in shape and alleviates the risk of chronic illnesses. It burns a lot of calories, and you can lose some weight in the process as well. You can have about a hundred and fifty minutes of cycling per week for good cardiovascular health.  Moreover, you could choose to do it on a tricycle if you happen to have balance problems.


This exercise allows you to tone your muscles and improve gait.


It helps you to get out of the confines of your house into the fresh air outside. It is also a good brain workout because hitting the right shot involves a lot of concentration. You do plenty of brain exercises such as memorizing rules and regulations. This can be a great way to prevent dementia. Going to a club a little further from your house would be better because it involves rigorous walking. The game has a great course which requires you to walk around as you play thus allowing you to exercise as well. You also work out your muscles during the game which can improve your flexibility. As you swing the golf club, you build strength in your core and arms as it involves twisting your body.


This is an indoor game that involves hitting a hollow rubber ball against the walls in a way that makes it hard for your opposition to get a touch of the ball. It can burn up to five hundred calories in the first forty-five minutes of playing. During the game, you jump and run for the ball; hence your body receives a proper workout. This can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

Walking football

This is a relatively new sport that is meant specifically for adults over fifty. No running is involved, and it is an excellent cardiovascular workout because it requires continuous leg movement.

It is essential to keep the type of physical activity and the frequency in which you do it reasonably. Do not exert so much pressure on yourself especially if you have health problems.

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