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Some Facts about Senior Dating

June 8, 2018 developer1 Comments

Facts About Senior DatingDating is adventurous, rewarding and fun at any age. Nevertheless, senior dating can be intimidating at times. It is not only reserved for young people, as many people may think, it is also common in older adults.  This also includes senior citizens at senior living communities in San Antonio. If you are a senior and are considering getting back to dating, go ahead! But before you make that decision, it is important to note that senior dating defers significantly with teenage and young adult dating. Here are more facts that you should know.

Dating tips for senior living communities in San Antonio


  • Appearance does not matter


To young people, looks matter when finding a dating partner. Research shows that a beautiful picture is the most essential part of a young adult’s online dating profile. To them, nothing matters more than looks. In senior adult dating, this is never the top priority. Senior adults know that there is more to someone than looks. They are wise enough to know that looks have nothing to do with a person’s personality. That is their kind and loving nature. What they are interested in is getting to know their date both in an emotional and a personal level. They are also aware that looks fade with age that is why they do not focus on it much.


  • Age does not matter


When you are a young adult, dating someone a few years older or younger feels like a big deal. It is an important factor when looking for a dating partner. Most young people are inclined about age and may turn off potential dates just because there is an age gap. However, this is not the case with seniors. They are a bit more flexible when it comes to looking for a dating partner. For them, age matters less when it comes to dating. What they consider is health, shape and the activities one can do.


  • Where to meet


It is a fact that dinner plays an essential role in the lives of older adults. Seniors would prefer meeting with their dates in dinners to meeting for drinks. Young people prefer to meet in bars and have drinks together. Seniors prefer having a quiet evening that allows them to connect with their dates and get to know them in a more personal way. When the atmosphere is cool and quiet they can feel more comfortable asking questions to their partners. They can get to know their partners like or dislike as well as what motivates them and keeps them going.


  • Not everyone is looking for love or marriage


The ultimate goal for young adult dating is finding love and marriage. When it comes to senior dating, love and marriage may not be the priority, although to some it may be their first focus. Most are usually looking for companionship. Someone they can have dinner with, spend time together with, have fun and share experiences. All they want is the attraction, flirting and romance.


  • Multiple needs for companionship


There are several reasons why seniors seek companionship. Most are focused on finding a loving life partner who they will spend most of their time with. Some are just interested in having dinner dates with someone they like while others need someone to share experiences with. Other seniors may need all these, and it is not a surprise that they might have multiple partners.


  • The real world counts


There are online sites that offer matchmaking services meant explicitly for seniors. This is where most senior daters meet. Even when they meet on an online dating platform, one on one meetings are also important in addition to communicating on the phone. Seniors are more comfortable with interacting with their potential matches in the real world than doing it online. This is different from the dating for young people who prefer texting and phone calls to meeting physically. Meeting up will help them evaluate their partners and know their real personalities. This way, they can know whether or not they are compatible with each other. There are cases where partners major on texting and phone calls, and when they meet up, they realize that they are not compatible at all.


  • Trust is hyper important


Trust is vital in any relationship no matter how old the partners are. However, in senior dating, belief is more important than anything else. Older adults may feel insecure at times, and sometimes they may have trust issues. This can be contributed by the fact that they feel weak and vulnerable. They often feel like some people might want to take advantage of them.  Probably, they have heard many stories of their friends being taken advantage of and so they want to be sure that the person they are dating is not a liar. Their preferred partners should not be those who are just interested in their fixed pension income.

Any senior adult interested in dating should know they are not alone. Many other senior citizens are looking for companionship. They should not be ashamed about it, and should comfortably go ahead and find their match.

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