Best Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day for Seniors

May 11, 2018 Tatiana Comments

Seniors celebrating Mother's DayEach year, as mother’s day approaches families across the world always prepare to celebrate the good work and sacrifices their mothers make for them on a daily basis. However, adults with elderly mothers may find it hard coming up with the best ideas for celebrating mother’s day. There are actually plenty of ways to show love to your mother and appreciate her for bringing you up even when she lives in San Antonio senior living community. The following are some of the ideas for celebrating mother’s day for senior mothers.

Mother’s day ideas for mothers living at San Antonio senior living communities and across the world

Going for a family outing

If your mother is able to move from one place to another, you can surprise her with a trip to a park, museum, or zoo. It might be a great idea to include some adventure in your mother’s day celebrations.


Flowers always bring every occasion to a standstill. Why not try it with your elderly mother. Gifting your mother with a beautiful bouquet of flowers can go a long way in brightening her day up. Deciding which flowers to pick can be tricky but it is always advisable to go for something unique to your mother.

Family meal

Family meals are a perfect way of celebrating any holiday and mother’s day is no exception. You can take your mother out for lunch or dinner and share experiences while catching up with each other’s lives. You can also decide to stay at home and cook a special meal that you all enjoy.

Brain-improving fun

You can spend hours with your mother taking part in brain-stimulating activities. These include customized crossword puzzles and word searches based on her cognitive skills. This is a fun way of spending mother’s day together.

Manicure and pedicure

Your senior mother occasionally needs to break the monotony of being fixed at one place. Therefore, your could plan to visit a beauty spa or salon on Mother’s Day. She will like it for sure.

Showering her with unique gifts

There are plenty of gifts that you could give your mother on this special day but the most important thing is to stick to her taste and preference. By the time she get to her senior age you should be aware of what she like. Nevertheless, below are some suggestions:

  1. Stuffed animal: for many elderly women a stuffed animal can be a great companion.
  2. Digital picture frame: photos are rarely printed nowadays and a digital frame is a good way of keeping them alive. This will help her keep records of her best moments with friends and family.
  3. Everyday essentials: these are items that your mother needs everyday that she does not have time to get. Items like hygiene products, skin care products, bedding and clothing.
  4. Edible gifts: gifts like chocolate, cookies, cakes and candy are gifts that elderly mothers love to receive. If your mother is diabetic you can give her sugar free gifts. The cakes may be personalised whereby you can include their name on it.
  5. A tape: your mother would love to hear your voice more often and to satisfy this urge, you can gift her with a tape of you talking to her. She can listen to it any time she misses you.
  6. A customized calendar: it can contain family photos and birth dates for each member of the family. This can put a smile on her face.
  7. Nice perfume: she can use this to keep her drawers and clothes smelling nice all the time.
  8. Pull on slippers: these should have rubber soles to ease movement and prevent falls.
  9. Other gifts can include laundry baskets, quality hair brushes, eyeglass tethers, and handmade craft items.

Movies or plays

Take her to local theatres where she can watch interesting movies. You may also decide to stay back home and watch some of the movies she enjoyed when she was younger.


You can take your mother shopping and buy her beautiful items. You can also decide to walk leisurely to shopping malls and window shop. This will help kill the boredom of staying at home all day long.

Take a walk

This is a good opportunity to bond. Take a walk in the neighbourhood and if she lives in a nursing home, you can walk together around the facilities.


Take part in hobbies that your mother enjoys. These can be knitting, baking, painting or card games.

Take her through technology lessons

If she is not technologically savvy you can teach her some basic things like setting up and managing social media accounts where she can stay connected with family and friends. You can also teach her to use the internet where she can download books and read them when she is bored.

Music and songs

Music is very therapeutic. Getting her best record and listening to them with her will helps to lift her spirit. Seniors love to listen and sing along to popular songs, wave their hands and in some cases stand to dance. Your mother will certainly love this.

Bird watching

Seniors love looking through windows and interacting with the flora and sauna. You can drive your elderly mother to bird sanctuaries where she can enjoy the site of the birds.

Above all, what your mother really wants is your presence. Sharing meals with them, long visits and conversations are some of the best investments you can make. It makes her happy and proud of you.

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