How to be Grandparents: Things You Should Never Do

May 4, 2018 Tatiana Comments

Things Grandparents Should Never DoBetter life expectancy means that most people live long enough to be grandparents. This is probably one of the best experiences in life. As a grandparent, you definitely have sufficient experience and wisdom about life that you can pass on to your grandkids. As much as your input to the family is very essential, there are some boundaries that you should not overstep. In other words, there are things that your should not do or you should at least do some consultation before doing as an independent living San Antonio grandparent. The following are some tips on what you should avoid doing:

1. Do not play favorites

As a grandparent you play a key role in building the confidence of your grandchildren. Children take little words that you utter very seriously. If you happen to use preferential language while addressing one of them and not do the same for the other then you might end up causing emotional wounds that might stick forever.

2. Do not ignore or break rules

Modern day parents often have rules in their homes that have to be followed strictly. This could include diet rules such as sugar-free, dairy- free and so on. Breaking the rules set by mum and dad before their children means that you are undermining their authority, which can be very traumatizing.  

3. Do not ask grandkids about their parents

You should never inquire any sensitive information such as divorces, fights or holiday planning from your grand children. This is an unhealthy approach to handling family relationships and it will only put unnecessary pressure on them.

4. Do not compare one  grandkid to another

Children are very sensitive and there is a big chance that they are hyperaware of their various differences or abilities. By comparing them you might be crushing their self-esteem. It might be good to avoid mentioning it.

5. Do not suggest baby  names

By now you already have sufficient experience in parenting and you know that choosing a baby’s name is a personal experience. Taking name suggestions from others is quite difficult. This privilege should be exceptional for the parents and not the grandparents.

6. Do not force beliefs on your grandchildren

As much as you might have the urge to have your grandkids raised in a proper way you do not have to force them to believe in your beliefs. Let them find out their own spiritual and political beliefs.

As an independent living San Antonio grandparent it is good to be involved in the upbringing of your grandkids. Ensure that you do it in the right manner by consulting at times or doing it in a polite and considerable way.

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