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Meditation as the Best Tool for Mental, Physical, and Emotional Senior Health

March 16, 2018 developer1 Comments

Meditation and Senior HealthThe last phase of life can be met with unbearable stress. At this point, the seniors have lost physical abilities and they can’t help it but imagine that they have become unproductive or highly dependent. On the other side, relatives and friends are unable to provide sufficiently for their needs, which make caregiving quite overwhelming. Fortunately, for those who know it, meditation is the universal solution to mental, emotional and physical health. Many aged and caregiving centers especially, San Antonio retirement communities use meditation as a stress purging tool. In case you don’t, here is why you need to visit The Inn at Los Patios for mediation:

Memory Boost

Meditation has been prescribed by doctors for its profound actions in activating the frontal lobe and the hypothalamus portion of the brain. These are the short and long-term memory hubs respectively. With high long and short memories, you are sure to run errands as you are known to. High brain functions will ensure that you can take simple instructions such as medications and routine visits to doctors. San Antonio retirement community put more emphasis on this.

Meditation helps your digestion

With age, your digestion system is less operation and susceptible to worse conditions. Deep breathing increases oxygen absorption which optimizes organs functions. Among systems benefiting from this ventilation are intestines, which will reward you with high food absorption hence keeping you healthy. Meditation will also improve the lungs, and other systems are hence sustaining your agility.

Meditation refills the happiness ports in the brain

The prefrontal lobe is also known “as feel good” portion of the brain is reactivated by meditation. Due to this, you are sure to eliminate gloomy face and bounce back smiling. That’s why depressed patients are prescribed with meditation sessions. Nevertheless, you rather master the art before depression takes the smile.  

Focusing and sharpening the brain

San Antonio Retirement Homes focus on meditation because it helps to focus and sharpen the brain. To enjoy gold age, you might consider being alert and functioning just like other members of society. Meditation helps relax alertness receptors among other organs in the sensory system. It has been shown that synchronizing the brain raises the brain’s functionality remarkably. With high sensitivity and high focus, you will enjoy senior age to the fullest.  

Meditation keeps you away from medication

Stress is the genesis to a world full of old age health-related conditions. By avoiding stress, you are sure to be less susceptible to chronic diseases and disabilities. Additionally, unstressed patients respond marvelously to medication hence leading to no prolonged ailment cases.

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