The Truth about Assisted Living

March 9, 2018 Tatiana Comments

Myths about Assisted LivingAssisted living communities are a very practical transition from being in a private home where you were responsible for most of your household chores. The staff in assisted living facilities can help with these chores and free you up for the activities you enjoy. There are many benefits to moving to an assisted living community, but there are also a lot of myths which we would like to address below.

Myth #1: “Big Brother” is watching – I will be supervised every minute of the day.

Truth: Although help is available for residents, the staff’s presence is need-based. In assisted living communities, you have as much privacy as you need, and will be able to maintain your independence.

Myth # 2: My family will not be able to visit.

Truth: Your family and friends will be able to visit you as often as they wish, and you have the flexibility to travel and visit them as well.

Myth # 3: I will not be able to keep my pet.

Truth: In many assisted living communities, residents may have a small dog or cat for an additional fee. Pet ownership has many benefits of its own, from the additional exercise you get while walking a dog, to the decreased blood pressure that comes from spending time with your pet, and the social aspect of meeting friends and neighbors while out for walks. In other communities, there is a “house pet” who is shared by all the residents.

Myth #4: My life as I know it will end and all my decisions will be made for me.

Truth: You are free to make your schedule. Whether you like to go for long walks in the morning or spend the afternoon visiting with neighbors, your day is determined by you. Nobody tells you where to go or when to come back.

Myth #5: I will be stuck in my room alone all day.

Truth: Assisted living communities have public spaces where residents can gather and spend time together, and there are organizers who put together various activities like day trips and cultural events, and programs for the residents to enjoy.

Hopefully, we have clarified some of your concerns about the benefits of assisted living. When you are ready to make your move to an assisted living community, make a list of the questions that are important to you and do your research carefully before choosing your future home.

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