Make the most of Winter Travel

February 15, 2018 Tatiana Comments

Christmas has come and gone, and the days are beginning to get a bit longer. Independent senior living apartments may be cozy and comfortable in the winter; however, if you are looking for a change of place, you can plan a fun and relaxing vacation to break up your winter.

Key West, FloridaKey West, Florida

If you live in the North, you have probably had enough of the cold, and are craving some warmth and sunshine. Why not take a trip to Key West? You can fly to Miami and rent a car to drive 100 miles to Key West, or take a boat. Once there, enjoy the beach, nature conservatory and the many Cuban and Caribbean restaurants.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is a popular destination for retirees. The weather is mild, and there are many activities such as hiking, golf, shopping, spas, sightseeing and going to the beach.

Marco Island, Florida Marco Island, Florida

A gem of an island, popular with the Midwestern crowd, Marco Island offers miles of beaches and luxurious hotels. Spend the morning collecting shells on the beach, enjoy a massage and facial at a glamorous spa and a sunset dinner at a beachside hotel.


Scottsdale and Sedona are great places to visit if you are looking for warmth and relaxation. There are many activities to choose from, such as hiking, golf, or a spa day.

New York CityNew York City

If you don’t mind the cold (or if you live in a warm climate and are looking for a change), and you love large cities with tons of culture, consider New York City. Great restaurants, Broadway shows, and sight-seeing are some great tourist activities.


If you like to ski, or you just want to rent a bed-and-breakfast overlooking a ski slope, consider a vacation in Vermont. If you don’t ski, you can spend your day visiting antique shops and exploring local restaurants.

Caribbean CruiseCaribbean Cruise

Caribbean cruises offer a little bit of everything: a tropical vibe, international cuisine, pristine beaches and tons of activities. You will meet a lot of other retirees who love the comfort and luxury that cruises offer. Get ready to dance the night away and don’t forget to pack your formal wear as well as beach clothes.

Wherever you decide to go this winter, do your research first. It’s always better to travel with a friend or partner for safety as well as companionship. Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings and have fun!

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