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Positive Effects of Internet Usage for Seniors

October 31, 2017 developer1 Comments

Internet Usage for SeniorsIt almost seems as if children know their way around technology from infancy! The world around us has become very reliant on the internet, which is accessible to most individuals these days. For those who do not have internet access at home, there are computers in retirement communities and libraries that provide free internet access.

Although many seniors are still very resistant to joining the online population, there is an increasingly large number of seniors that are learning more about new technology.

There are many positive effects of internet usage for seniors:

Stay in touch with family and friends. 

Four out of ten seniors own smartphones. A smartphone is a fantastic way to not only speak to your family and friends, but also to see them, share pictures, email them, or stay in touch via Facebook or other social media. Seniors are becoming more and more accustomed to using social media to not only keep in touch with friends but to find like-minded individuals, with a shared interest in topics such as cooking, travel, or other hobbies. For seniors who live alone, the internet opens up a whole new world and helps prevent loneliness.

Virtual Personal Assistant.

Smartphones have become very user-friendly, and many come with a virtual assistant who can dial for you (hold down the home button and say. “Dial Katie,” for example). She can also tell you today’s weather, give you directions to your friend’s house, or remind you to take your medicine or make a reservation at your favorite restaurant for dinner.

Stay current.

Regular use of the internet helps seniors stay on top of current events, keep up with the latest trends, and be informed with all news, local and global.


Access to the internet allows seniors to be able to research anything they desire. All you need to do is type in the keyword in a search engine, such as Google, and within seconds, you have all the information on your topic. You can also look up recipes, find out how to get rid of that stain in your tablecloth or read biographies of your favorite actors.


Computer training is becoming very popular at retirement communities, with classes on everything from using email to creating accounts on social media. Not only are the classes informative, but they also provide social interaction.


Even if seniors have access to a car, shopping online is more accessible, more convenient and provides access to goods that may not be available in local markets. It’s also easy to find discounts and promotions online to get the best deal!

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