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How to help seniors with balance issues

August 8, 2017 developer1 Comments

Seniors-with-balance-issuesWhen we talk about the different causes of injury in adults, falls are probably not what most seniors are concerned about. However, the truth is that it is the leading cause of injury and death from injury in older adults. Even though falls may have different causes, balance issues are one of the leading reasons for falls. If you believe that you or someone you know has equilibrium issues, it is essential to address them as soon as possible.

Understand The Reason Behind The Issues

The chances are that you will want to eliminate balance issues – but it is extremely important to understand why these balance issues exist in the first place. Balance issues can be because of different medical reasons. These reasons can be incredibly diverse, from medicinal interactions to stroke, from bacterial infections to low blood pressure.

If you notice that your loved has balance issues, it is always important to let a doctor know. Even if it only seems like a temporary issue, you want to make sure that their primary physician knows about these issues. A doctor can look at possible issues with drug interactions or complete a few necessary tests to help understand the underlying cause.

Physical Therapy Can Offer A Solution

Once a doctor understands the cause of the balance issues, it might be possible to perform specific exercises to help with these balance issues. By having a program in place that addresses endurance, stability, strength, and flexibility, seniors can benefit. Once a senior is stronger (and feels more comfortable on their feet) it is going to reduce the chance of falls.

Reduce The Clutter

Often we overlook the clutter we have in our home because we can navigate it rather quickly. However, once seniors lose a great deal of mobility and are no longer able to see as well, they are going to have problems maneuvering their environment. You want to make sure that you remove any additional floor coverings or other furniture that could lead to a fall.

Consider Assisted Living

Even if you decided to invest in optimizing a home heavily, the chances are that it would not offer the same safety as an assisted living option. Assisted living provides safety, security, and assistance that seniors are not going to have anywhere else. Especially if seniors are already wary of moving around, having qualified professionals nearby can make a tremendous difference in their overall confidence in getting around.

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