Suggestions For Senior Runners

July 4, 2017 Tatiana Comments

 Senior RunnersWe all know that staying active is a good thing, and that does not mean that you should stop during retirement. Studies show that one of the best ways for seniors to get fit is through running. But how do you get started and what do you have to know?

Getting Started

Before you begin, your doctor should provide you with a thorough checkup. This is especially important if you have a chronic health condition such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease. Even though it does not mean that you should not exercise, there might be certain warning signs to be aware of or activities to avoid. If you do get permission from your doctor to start running, there are a few different things we can tell you.

The Right Shoes

Even though you can run in any shoe, it is important that you have proper running shoes. Especially if you have a health condition that affects your feet (such as diabetes or peripheral arterial disease), this step is even more crucial. The right shoe is going to prevent problems and helps you move even better.

Always Start Slow

Older runners always have to start slow, start by walking for several weeks if you are new to exercise. You can add shorter spurts of running once you get into better shape. Remember that you should not expect to run a marathon in a few weeks. Older runners are going to need to take their time to get ready.

Start Each Run Anew

You need to give your body the time it needs to adequately warm up. That is why it is good for older runners to start each exercise with walking and then proceed to start running. You should also be extra mindful about stretching after each run because muscle elasticity declines with age.

Do Not Forget About Strength Training

Because older runners often need more time to recover from a workout than a younger runner would, it is important that you take rest days and strength train. Strength training is going to lower your chances of injury and will help to prevent age-related muscle loss

As always, make sure that you listen to your body when you start running. Whether you are a senior runner or not, this is considered great advice. Because seniors are more prone to having health problems and are considered more prone to injury, you have to be willing to see your doctor if you notice problems with illness or injury.

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