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Tips For Dealing With Vision Loss

June 27, 2017 developer1 Comments

Decreasing Sense Of SightAs we get older, there is no denying that our bodies are changing too. One of the aspects of our body’s that seniors often notice a difference in is vision – primarily loss of vision. Most people over 60 will need some practical solution to perform the tasks that they once did or see what they were once able to see clearly.

One of the primary causes for this type of problem is because as we get older, our pupil no longer opens as widely as they once did. This means that light is not able to enter quite as well.

Vision processing occurs in our retinas, but this area now receives less light. This ultimately leads to people not being able to see as clearly as before. Fortunately, you can offset these problems with a few handy suggestions.

Tip #1 – Remove Hazards

While you might not be able to get the same sharp eyesight back as before, you are indeed able to make sure that you do not trip over things or have items laying around. For example, just having a small basket near the television where you can store keys, television remotes, and the book you are reading is going to go a long way towards removing the clutter from home. This means that there is also less chance of someone tripping and falling. Electric cords, coffee tables, and throw rugs all pose a different risk.

Tip #2 – Good Lighting Is Essential

We have previously discussed that seniors have a harder time taking in light because of a physical change in the eyes – so the option would be to generate more light. Make sure that you have nightlights available in the bathroom, hallways, and bedrooms at night. This is going to ensure that seniors are able to get around without too much problem.

Tip #3 – Time To Reinvent The Reading Process

If seniors are unable to read books or magazines as they once could, it might be possible to get special ‘large print’ editions that specifically are made for those with reading problems. If seniors are already accustomed to technology, a smart device such as a tablet would be a great addition – because you can adjust the size of the font to something that the senior is able to read themselves.

Even though the prospect of not being able to see as well as before might appear daunting at first, there are some different steps that seniors can take to minimize issues. One other great option would be to move to assisted living where they can have someone near them to help them circumvent possible vision issues.

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