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Eco-Friendly Activities For Seniors

June 20, 2017 developer1 Comments

activities for seniorsIf you want to find an interesting outing that is not going to tax the earth, we have a few eco-friendly options that are going to help seniors enjoy themselves. These senior activities are sure to be eco-friendly.

Working In A Community Garden

Now that seniors have more time than ever before, it is a good idea to roll up the sleeves and get those hands into the dirt. Not only is gardening a great way to unwind for many, but it is also a tremendous way to appreciate just how much we rely on what we grow for our own survival. This is not only a great eco-friendly senior activity, but it also puts you in touch with others who also appreciate Mother Nature.

Planting A Tree

We agree that planting a tree may sound a bit cliché if you are interested in eco-friendly matters, but it really does make a difference. Because of the buildup of greenhouse gasses, trees are more important than ever before. This is a great way to help suck up the methane and carbon dioxide. Plus it gives you something of a legacy that will stand when we are no longer here.

Tour A Botanical Garden

Be amazed by the true wonders and beauty of what a botanical garden has to offer. We have seen many residents who visited a botanical garden and came out changed, primarily because it gave them a completely new outlook on everything that the planet has to offer.

Visit A Farmer’s Market

More and more people rely almost exclusively on processed foods, which makes this a great throwback to the way things were before. This helps people get excited about healthy, locally grown food and even lets people pick some food themselves. This not only works because you are able to try delicious and nutritious treats, but it helps you get in touch with the local farmers in your community.

Experience Some Eco-Art

Most people are not going to know what this means right away. But it means that it is an art practice that embraces social justice, both in form/materials used and content portrayed. This is a great way to experience some stunning pieces that you can feel good about, especially because you already know that they are not going to be OK for the planet.

These are just a handful of senior activities that we consider eco-friendly. At our facility, we often try to host activities with both our residents and our planet in mind.

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