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Benefits Of Walking For Seniors

May 23, 2017 developer1 Comments
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One of the best and easiest senior activities that you could easily plan around is walking. At a time that more and more seniors are spending their time indoors, it is more important than ever for them to go outside and get a bit more active. Even though many do not consider walking on par with activities such as swimming, biking, or running, seniors can garner a great number of health benefits from just walking.

#1 – Walking Strengthens Muscles

Most seniors are not going to have the same muscle mass as they did 10, 15 years ago. However, regular exercise can seriously slow down the amount of muscle mass that is lost. This means that you are going to have stronger muscles than seniors who do not walk. Walking is going to help with overall mobility.

#2 – It Can Stop Bone Mass Loss

When bones lose their mass, it means that they are more fragile in the future. This will lead to easier and quicker breaks. In order to maintain their bone mass into old age, seniors who are already at risk of developing problems with osteoporosis should include walking as one of their senior activities. Just walking 30 minutes a day could reduce hip fractures by as much as 40 percent.

#3 – Better Sleep

Most seniors struggle with sleeping through the night, but walking can help a great deal if they do so regularly. According to a number of different studies, insomnia was greatly relieved amongst seniors who actively took walks of an hour or more. This is because of the physical exertion that walking takes for seniors.

#4 – Better Circulation

As we get older, it is normal to see our circulation have a few different problems. This could lead to a number of different health-related issues, including high blood pressure and heart disease. According to a number of different studies, walking reduces the chances of heart disease while also lowering the overall blood pressure.

#5 – Benefits In Mental Sharpness

We might just assume that walking has physical benefits, but it is also important for mental sharpness. Mental sharpness in turn is important for confidence and self-esteem. Studies from the University Of California found that those seniors who walked more had less memory decline. In order for the brain to be at its most vibrant, walking is important.

Just a quick walk is going to help seniors age better and reduces the instances of problems that they might have. That is exactly why walking should be considered amongst the most important senior activities.

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