Benefits Of Singing For Senior Adults

April 27, 2017 JuliaN Comments
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When we think about healthy aging, singing is probably one of those things that we often neglect to think about. However, there are a number of different benefits to singing for adult seniors. We are going to give you a few different reasons why this should be something to…sing about!

Reason #1 – Improved Quality of Life

Seniors, who struggle with health issues, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, tend to report a rather low quality of life rating. However, it is possible to improve their quality of life, just by singing. A study revealed that seniors with dementia who partook in singing sessions experienced:

  • Reduced anxiety and aggression
  • Better interaction with others in a social setting
  • Better quality of life
  • Increased self-confidence

Other studies found that seniors experienced better posture, easier breathing, fewer problems with their eyesight, and fewer hospital visits. Those are important factors that can easily benefit most seniors.

Reason #2 – Improved Brain Functionality

The journal Music Perception published a study that revealed that seniors who suffered from certain neurological disorders were able to benefit from singing. The researchers found that those brains parts responsible for emotional regulation could be influenced by song. This means that we might be able to reach people that are otherwise unresponsive.

Reason #3 – Increased Social Support And Networking

We are not just talking about physical benefits when we are talking about singing for seniors. There are social support and networking opportunities when you sing in a group. Many seniors struggle with maintaining and generating friendships, which only changes when they are living in assisted living facilities. However, the social support that many of these seniors experience with singing is going to go a long way towards reducing sensations of loneliness.

Reason #4 – Increased Feelings Of Positivity

Singing is a joyful and uplifting experience for most people. In fact, it can help to reduce our overall stress levels and increase the body’s levels of immunoglobulin A. In fact, studies revealed that signing can help with the release of dopamine, the neurochemical that our bodies release when we see someone we love, experience something joyful, or eat something that we love.

As you can see, there is not just one single reason why singing for seniors is a great idea. If you are on the fence about it, just try it at least once and see the difference that this can make for seniors.


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