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Seniors Health: Why Fresh Air Matters

April 20, 2017 developer1 Comments

Most people spend the majority of their time indoors, and these statistics are even more true for seniors. Because seniors have fewer commitments outside the home and typically have more difficulty moving around, they are less likely to go outside than even the average human being. This means that they are deprived of fresh air – a vital ingredient for physical and emotional wellbeing. Why does fresh air matter, especially for seniors?

 How It Benefits Us

According to studies published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology and Harvard Health Publications, there are a number of scenically proven benefits to spending time out in the sunshine. A few of the different benefits that you should pay attention to include:

 Avoid Boredom – Most seniors complain that they have very little to do throughout the day, and it is possible to eliminate boredom by enjoying the sensory stimulation that comes with going outside. You can even get the brain moving just by going outside and sitting down.

  • Social Opportunities – There are many more opportunities to do things with others for seniors who are outside. This is going to reduce boredom and loneliness, while increasing overall positivity and self-esteem. This reduces one of the most important instances of senior depression: isolation.
  • More Physical Activity – we are more likely to engage in physical activities when we are outdoors when compared to being inside. There are a few different recreational activities that can keep seniors healthy, including gardening, cycling, and walking.
  • Better Overall Health – Both fresh air and sunshine have been scientifically linked to feelings of wellbeing and vitality in seniors. They often experience more energy throughout the day, and are also able to fight against physical illness much better than normal.
  • More Vitamin D – You can increase your levels of Vitamin D with even a few minutes of sun exposure a day. This is important when it comes to fighting off depression, cancer, and osteoporosis. Those are all important benefits for seniors.

 It should be obvious that most seniors will greatly benefit from being outside and getting some fresh air. The truth is that many seniors feel isolated. This is where assisted living can make a tremendous difference. Within assisted living, seniors may have someone who can actually take them outside into the fresh air. Just that added boost is going to make a tremendous difference for seniors.

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