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What Services are Typically Included in Assisted Living?

January 19, 2017 developer1 Comments

Assisted living communities provide more services than independent living communities do. Assisted living offers a residential approach, which is less expensive than skilled nursing, but delivers many of the same services. This is accomplished by contacting with home health agencies or employing a health-care staff or having other outside professionals come in.

Assisted living communities usually have about 25 to 120 units. These can vary in size from single rooms to whole apartments. The community living quarters come in different sizes, types, and design styles. Some places are furnished, and in some, the residents bring their furniture. Bathrooms are usually designed to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs in cases of need now or for in the future.

There is additionally a common area space for the residents to use, which may include a dining room. It could also include a small café, gaming rooms, library, fitness and wellness rooms as well as other rooms for the residents’ enjoyment.

Some of the typical services associated with assisted living which are included are listed below:

  • There is access to medical services and healthcare, which are customized to each resident’s specific needs. As well as 24-hour emergency call systems for each resident are provided.
  • There are three meals a day, which are served in the dining area plus laundry and housekeeping services.
  • Shuttle buses and transportation is provided for when residents have to do errands or have outings planned.
  • There are exercise and wellness programs for the residents.
  • If the resident needs help with personal needs, this is provided.
  • There is a pharmacy, hairdresser/barber, and physical therapy service which is offered on site.
  • The staff is available to meet both scheduled and unscheduled needs.

Activities and entertainment are planned to enhance the quality of life and to keep the residents both fit and living to their full potential.

As you can see, there are many services which are included in an assisted living community.

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