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Making the Move to Assisted Living Easier

December 15, 2016 developer1 Comments
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Making the decision for your parent to move to an assisted living community can be difficult on both you and your parent. Even if it’s something that is your parent’s choice, there are still a lot of questions which may come to mind. Your parent may worry if new friends will be made there or what will it be like living there once the move happens. So below are some suggestions to help make the move easier on everyone:

  • Privacy concerns: One of the concerns in the move may be the thought of sharing space with people who your parent doesn’t know. However, residents have their own space. Plus, when people do visit, it’s up to the resident to decide when they can.
  • Before the move: After choosing what assisted living community to move to then help your parent decide what furniture to bring if that is an option. Also, have your parent go through other possessions and see what’s going to be kept, what’s going to be donated and what is going to be distributed throughout the family. Additionally, by Mom or Dad keeping possessions which have a personal meaning, it will make the new home feel more like the old home.
  • Have your parent read all the residence’s material before the move in. Try to set up a meeting for you and your parent with the facility director and the staff before the big move also. Additionally, have any questions ready for the meeting by reviewing the paperwork beforehand.
  • Have your parent become familiar with the policies of the assisted living community before the moving day. Also, have your loved one choose a few activities that he or she may enjoy so that when your loved one meets some of the new neighbors, he or she can see if they also do those activities.
  • If there is an orientation for new residents, you and your parent should attend it so that you as well as your parent know where places are within the building or area.

 Helping your loved one adjust to the new place beforehand will make the transition to a new and hopefully better life easier.

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