Food To Beat The Winter Blues

The changing seasons got you down? You might not be alone. In fact, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that is caused because of this. The symptoms of this often peak around the winter months, often leading to people calling it the ‘winter blues’. If you are...

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Sensory Therapy Activities for Seniors

Sensory therapy is when sensory stimulation is employed where everyday objects are used to evoke one or more of a person’s five senses. This technique is usually used on patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia sometimes within an assisted living community and it is therapeutic. Now as Alzheimer’s progresses, it can...

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Fall Prevention Tips for Winter

With winter coming, snow and ice will be on sidewalks, paths and roads. This is a problem because keeping seniors safe from falling is a number one priority with many families. Whether the senior is living alone, with you or in an independent living facility; avoiding falls is important. If...

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