senior living

5 Winter Skin Tips for Seniors

As seniors age, one thing that happens in senior living is that skin starts to grow thinner as well as drying out. The winter weather can wreak havoc with the skin too in just one cold arctic blast. Between the cold of the outside and the warmth of the inside,...

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independent living

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Insomnia

Changes in sleeping patterns as you age is a normal part of aging. Sometimes, it’s also part of independent living because old routines can change when aging especially if you are on your own. These changes in sleeping patterns include waking up earlier, becoming sleepier than you used to become...

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Time To Boogey Baby – Boogey

Whether it’s in a dance class or a ballroom setting, dancing seniors are out there having a great time. Interested in improving your health? Consider dancing your aches and pains away. First step is to get clearance from your doctor; know what your limits are. Doctors will encourage you to...

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It’s Time To Start Exercising

If getting out of bed and starting on your morning routine is getting harder because you’re stiff and sore, it’s probably time to start exercising. Health experts tell us that exercising a minimum of 150 minutes a week is needed to maintain your health.  One way to do this is...

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Celebrate Fall

Autumn is time of change.  Hot summer days are fading; temperatures are starting to drop.  Squirrels are running rampant in your yard, hiding food for the winter.  You’re going to have to take your sweaters out of storage. It’s time to have some fun.  Fall is perfect.  It’s not too...

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Never Too Old To Find New Friends

Making new friends is always a challenge, whether you’re six or sixty. The process of making friends basically hasn’t changed since your mother told you to be friend in order to make a friend. The first step in making new friends is to adopt a smiling, friendly attitude. Start talking...

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