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Books To Re-read This Spring

Most seniors are going to want to enjoy the nicer weather as spring comes around. And what better way to enjoy the spring than by reading some of your favorite literature again? These are a few of our favorite options for the springtime that we believe deserve a bit more...

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Seniors Health: Why Fresh Air Matters

Most people spend the majority of their time indoors, and these statistics are even more true for seniors. Because seniors have fewer commitments outside the home and typically have more difficulty moving around, they are less likely to go outside than even the average human being. This means that they...

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How To Exercise With A Disability

We see it in senior living quite a bit, some seniors believe that they can no longer exercise because of limited mobility or a disability. The truth is that disability exercises are in place specifically to help people who might not otherwise be able to exercise. Everyone can benefit from...

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5 Winter Skin Tips for Seniors

As seniors age, one thing that happens in senior living is that skin starts to grow thinner as well as drying out. The winter weather can wreak havoc with the skin too in just one cold arctic blast. Between the cold of the outside and the warmth of the inside,...

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Helpful Tips for Dealing With Insomnia

Changes in sleeping patterns as you age is a normal part of aging. Sometimes, it’s also part of independent living because old routines can change when aging especially if you are on your own. These changes in sleeping patterns include waking up earlier, becoming sleepier than you used to become...

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