Tips To Reduce Your Portion Sizes

Even if you are eating healthy, eating too much can make you lose control of your weight. It seems like a basic concept of healthy eating, but bigger portions of food mean that you are taking in more calories. Because many people still enjoy sugary drinks, take-away food, and processed...

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independent living community

Dental Care Tips for Seniors

Seniors are keeping their own teeth longer than before with the increase in dental technology. Also because of the widespread availability of good toothbrushes, better toothpastes and better oral care tools, it’s easier to keep teeth in good condition. But as people get older, there are certain issues which may...

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independent living communities

Advantages of Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities are specially designed for those seniors who are healthy, active and able to live their lives without necessarily being assisted by others. These communities consist of homes, condominiums, apartments and mobile homes for residents to maintain an independent lifestyle. However, there are some communities that offer only...

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