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Emotional and Social Benefits of Regular Exercise

Benefits-of-Regular-ExerciseMost people know that exercise is healthy -but we often forget just HOW healthy it can be.  In fact, there are both emotional and social benefits to exercise that most people neglect. Especially when it comes to senior health, these benefits should not be overlooked.

Reduce Depression and Anxiety

In seniors, both anxiety and depression are more common than in their younger counterparts. The  thought of losing the people you love, having to face your own mortality, dealing with small aches and pain, in combination with increased isolation makes these issues more pronounced. Studies show that exercise (upwards of 10 weeks of regular aerobic activity) can have a pronounced effect on those who struggle with anxiety and depression.

Social Benefits

Even though the physical importance of regular exercise cannot be overlooked, the social facets are important to consider as well. Exercising in a group is going to introduce you to people who have a common interest. This is going to help you in a social setting, gives you something to talk about without having to know the other person, and allows you to easily schedule further interactions together.

Social Exercise In Independent Living Communities

One of the problems of seniors being in an independent living community is the fact that the better options offer a regular group exercise option in independent living communities. This means that seniors are able to work on their overall senior health while not having to worry about isolation. Just one more reasons why it pays to consider an independent living community.

Physical activity reduces senior isolation.

When we talk about senior health, feelings of isolation and loneliness can have a pronounced effect. We can help prevent this issue by ensuring that seniors are able to get out and enjoy themselves. It turns out that group exercise programs for seniors can work wonders when we talk about reducing loneliness and isolation in seniors. This in addition to the aforementioned benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing. This is even true in low-impact exercises such as stretching or yoga.

It is important to know that seniors can always enjoy the benefits of regular exercise. We should never consider senior isolation as either inevitable or irreversible. Even though we cannot change the fact that we are aging, it does not mean that we cannot keep active or make sure that we are getting enough exercise.

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