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Who Should Move To Assisted Living

Moving to Assisted LivingWhen you get older in years, you start to hear phrases like assisted living community get thrown around. However, you might not yet understand what this means, what your benefits are, or how you should react to that.  We are going to get very clear into who would benefit from moving to an assisted living community and what type of person often considers us home.

Type #1 – Seniors Who Want To Get Away From Chores

If you have lived in your home for your whole life, chances are that you are sick and tired of having to clean up constantly. Our residents are independent, meaning that they can get assistance in maintenance and housekeeping if they want it, or can do it themselves if they please. This literally means that you have the option to make your own choices, you do what you feel comfortable doing.

Type #2 – Seniors Who Want A Social Connection

When you move to an assisted living community, it is unique in the way that it brings people together. Oftentimes seniors are lonely because family has their own thing that they have to do daily, but friends are moving to other facilities or passing on. Assisted living communities give you a chance to have meaningful connection with peers. Especially because senior isolation is an often underestimated problem, this type of benefit is going to go a long way. Whereas seniors would traditionally need to go out of their way to meet new people, here it just happens naturally.

Type #3 – Seniors Who Want Peace Of Mind

When you have assisted living, you have certified and trained medical staff that is on site 24 hours a day. This means that you have a level of peace of mind that other options simply cannot offer you. Because you are able to be independent throughout the day but still have someone nearby if you want, it often makes seniors feel more comfortable in their surroundings. This is especially true for those with anxiety or chronic medical conditions.

It is also good to know that staff is going to be available for follow-up with doctors, daily activities such as dressing or toileting, or medication management. This means that even in case of emergency or a fall, there is always going to be someone nearby. This is enough to make the seniors (and family members) feel more comfortable about their stay in an assisted living community.

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