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Books To Re-read This Spring

Most seniors are going to want to enjoy the nicer weather as spring comes around. And what better way to enjoy the spring than by reading some of your favorite literature again? These are a few of our favorite options for the springtime that we believe deserve a bit more attention.

The Secret Garden

A coddled, cantankerous invalid and spoiled, loveless orphan play an important role in this childhood classic and bring a forgotten garden together. Especially because spring is all about renewal and rebirth, this is a great book that you are going to want to read in the spring time. Especially because of its themes spring is a perfect time to read this book again.

A Homemade Life

This book from Molly Wizenburg is about a woman who travel to Paris after her father dies. She later begins a blog to share her experience. This is going to have you dream about chocolate croissants, and make you laugh and cry at the same time. This is a true spring reading masterpiece that you are going to want to revisit.


Jane Austen’s sixth and final published novel is certainly amongst the best of what she has written. It’s story of old love and redemption, which makes this a perfect read if you want to pick it up in the springtime. This is certainly one of the better novels she had published and worth your time.

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

This novel was published Helen Simonson in 2004, and sees a widower who was taught to believe that propriety comes before everything else fall in love with someone wrong for him – at least if we take the standards of the small English village in which he lives into consideration. A truly enjoyable book.

A Room With A View

You cannot beat a book that features a stolen kiss in the Italian countryside in the springtime. Even though the book is not regarded as well as the movie, you should certainly still check this book out. It is about the awakening of sheltered Englishwoman at the hands of someone who does not care for traditional morals. It is a classic that is also relatively thin.

One of the benefits of a senior living community is the fact that you have others who share your love of reading. This means that you are able to discuss and possible even exchange books with people like yourself.


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