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Tips To Reduce Your Portion Sizes

independent living facilityEven if you are eating healthy, eating too much can make you lose control of your weight. It seems like a basic concept of healthy eating, but bigger portions of food mean that you are taking in more calories. Because many people still enjoy sugary drinks, take-away food, and processed snack food, this becomes an even bigger problem for healthy living. If you are serious about living healthily in your independent living community, portion sizes are one thing that you need to look at.

 How Can You Reduce Portion Sizes?

One of the first things that you can do to reduce portion sizes is to use a smaller plate to serve your food on. You might trick your body into thinking that you are eating more, just because of the visual appeal of a ‘full plate’. Having the same amount of food on a much smaller plate is going to leave you satiated for far longer. It might sound like nonsense, but if you try it you will find that it works.

 Consequently, you do not want your entire plate made up of ‘unhealthy’ or calorie-rich foods. Make sure that at least a third of your plate is covered with salad or vegetables. If you are having rice or pasta, it should make up no more than a third of your plate as well. This is going to help you reduce the intake of calorie-rich foods.

 While many people often eat until they are ‘full’, our brains often take at least a half hour before they can tell our stomach that we are satiated. You will stop being hungry far sooner than you are full. This means that you have to trust that you are eventually going to feel full when you eat enough.

 If you struggle with realizing just how much you are eating, try writing down how much you are eating each time throughout the day. Sometimes people do not figure out how much they eat until they live in an independent living community and have someone track it for them. Chances are that we eat far more in a day than we actually realize. Oftentimes these ’empty calories’ are going to lead to weight gain down the road.

 Eating Healthy

When in an independent living community, it might be easier for residents to eat healthy. There is social control in how much they eat and they are going to eat healthy foods each time. Healthy eating does not have to be difficult, it simply means that you have to take a moment and learn how to do it.

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