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Is it the Right Time to Get a Pet?

It has been shown through research that there are health benefits for seniors who own pets. Seniors who own pets it was found are both mentally and physically heathier than the seniors who don’t own pets. Also, it’s been shown that people who own pets go to the doctor less often and have lower health care costs. A pet then can produce emotionally stability, ward off loneliness and depression and bring about a zest for life because there is something to care for.

In fact, in some independent living facilities, pets are encouraged by the facility. Some of the facilities even have a Pet Coordinator. This person helps the seniors care for their pets so that the pets are getting the proper food, medical care and enough physical activity. This type of an independent living facility usually has a thriving residential count. It also gives the residents another reason for social calls and visiting.

Considering an independent living facility that allows pets
If a senior is deciding on whether or not to adopt a pet, and he or she lives in an independent living facility, there are some things to find out. Does the community have pet services? Are there restrictions on animal sizes and weights? Are there any restrictions on breeds? Does one policy cover all pets or are pets considered on a one by one basis?

So pets can a great source of love for a senior. A pet can give meaning and a sense of purpose in a senior’s life. Plus, the relationship is beneficial to both the pet and the owner. If the senior’s family is out of town, the pet may be the main source of companionship for the senior. The pet gains a family also. Additionally, a pet can improve a senior’s social life by interacting with other seniors and their pets.

Pets have many health benefits for seniors.

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